Steinman & Rodgers LLP provides its clients with a full range of legal services in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act field. With almost five decades of combined experience in FCPA work, we are conversant in the law, the burgeoning number of settlements and deferred prosecutions, and prevailing industry standards and trends.

We recognize that FCPA compliance is not an academic exercise for our clients. Our clients must mesh their compliance obligations with their overall strategies and the need to get business done. We pride ourselves as being business lawyers. Rather than simply raising red flags, we strive to help our clients navigate through the challenges of cross-border commerce, comply with their legal obligations, and fulfill their business goals.



Offset plays an increasingly important role in international defense and aerospace sales. Companies are routinely called upon to reinvest substantial sums of money in the countries that purchase their products and services. Whether an obligation is structured as a direct or indirect offset, suppliers face potential compliance risks in discharging these requirements.

Steinman & Rodgers attorneys have almost two decades of experience in assisting clients structure and fulfill offset obligations without running afoul of applicable legal requirements. We regularly assist clients to structure creative offset transactions that do not feature "incentive payments" that violate the Feingold Amendment. We frequently support our clients by conducting due diligence reviews of third party consultants engaged to identify potential offset partners. We help our clients scrutinize individual offset transactions to prevent funds from being funneled to foreign government officials. Finally, we have extensive experience in negotiating with U.S. Government lawyers to ensure that expenditures related to risk mitigation in offset transactions are treated as allowable costs.