Steinman & Rodgers LLP provides its clients with a full range of legal services in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act field. With almost five decades of combined experience in FCPA work, we are conversant in the law, the burgeoning number of settlements and deferred prosecutions, and prevailing industry standards and trends.

We recognize that FCPA compliance is not an academic exercise for our clients. Our clients must mesh their compliance obligations with their overall strategies and the need to get business done. We pride ourselves as being business lawyers. Rather than simply raising red flags, we strive to help our clients navigate through the challenges of cross-border commerce, comply with their legal obligations, and fulfill their business goals.



In today's global economy, even the simplest business transaction will cross borders and touch numerous countries.  Steinman & Rodgers maintains professional and personal relationships with experienced and reputable local law firms in over ninety countries.  These firms are among the most prominent and respected practitioners in their respective markets.  Equally as important, these firms are not strangers to us.  In most cases, we know their lawyers personally, and have worked with them for many years on a wide range of projects.  Because of the caliber of these firms, and the personal bonds we share with them, we have full confidence in our local counsel and their capabilities and dedication to our mutual clients.

For our clients, Steinman & Rodgers' network of local counsel creates unparalleled convenience, particularly when faced with matters arising simultaneously in numerous countries.  Rather than facing the daunting and time-consuming task of finding reputable and skilled counsel in several jurisdictions, our clients can rely on us to coordinate and manage their projects through our local counsel network around the globe.