Steinman & Rodgers LLP provides its clients with a full range of legal services in the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act field. With almost five decades of combined experience in FCPA work, we are conversant in the law, the burgeoning number of settlements and deferred prosecutions, and prevailing industry standards and trends.

We recognize that FCPA compliance is not an academic exercise for our clients. Our clients must mesh their compliance obligations with their overall strategies and the need to get business done. We pride ourselves as being business lawyers. Rather than simply raising red flags, we strive to help our clients navigate through the challenges of cross-border commerce, comply with their legal obligations, and fulfill their business goals.



The FCPA obliges U.S. companies to conduct extensive due diligence reviews on their overseas business partners, including sales representatives, consultants, distributors/resellers, joint venture partners and offset advisors. We have significant expertise in developing, implementing and supporting robust, state-of-the-art due diligence procedures for clients across industries, from aerospace and defense to consumer electronics and industrial equipment. We leverage the breadth of our experience reviewing potential intermediaries to help our clients ensure that they identify and mitigate potential risks, as well as keep pace with industry compliance trends. We also understand that while the FCPA requires U.S. companies to scrutinize their intermediaries, such intermediaries are often the key to success and are trusted business partners. We therefore appreciate that robust due diligence should not alienate them.

Steinman & Rodgers is recognized as a leading firm in the area of FCPA compliance and due diligence requirements. We assist many of our clients with the review and engagement of overseas sales representatives, consultants, distributors/resellers and joint venture partners. We are regularly called upon to conduct pre-acquisition FCPA due diligence on potential target companies. Steinman & Rodgers attorneys also have substantial experience in assisting clients to develop new, or refine existing, FCPA policies and procedures.